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See the ecumenic world as your homeland,with common laws,where the meritocracy govern regardless of the race. Unlike the narrowminded,I make no distinction between Greeks and barbarians. The origin of the citizens,or the race into which they were born,is of no concern to me.

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I judge them by one criterion,the individual virtue. For me any good foreigner is a Greek and any bad Greek is worse than a barbarian.

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If disputes ever occur among you,you will not resort to weapons,but will solve them in peace. If need be I shall arbitrate between you.

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These are external links and will open in a new window. Two orphaned Scottish wildcat kittens have been rescued, a conservation group says. Wildcat Haven says the animals were found "dehydrated" and "weak" in the West Highlands of Scotland. The group says the kittens are being cared for until they're old enough to be released into the wild.

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Only 35 wildcats are left in Scotland, Wildcat Haven says. The kittens' rescue offers hope to a species which is near extinction. Wildcat Haven says it was made aware of the kittens' existence after a member of the public reported seeing them. Its team says it used remote cameras and bait to figure out that there was no mother looking for the kittens and that they were orphaned.

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The feline siblings are currently being looked after in their own acre of a fenced forest established by Highland Titles, another conservation group and supporter of Wildcat Haven. Mature population: 1, Habitat: Primarily rocky and steep terrains, particularly in arid and sparsely vegetated areas of the high Andes. Threats: Agricultural expansion, livestock impact, hunting, and other types of habitat loss and degradation.

ipdwew0030atl2.public.registeredsite.com/486123-mobile-whatsapp-tracking.php Mature population: Habitat: Mediterranean shrubland containing dense rabbit populations, which makes up about percent of its diet. Threats: Homogenized landscapes, virulent diseases humans help spread that affect European rabbits. Conservation: Supplementing rabbit populations, creating rabbit refuge landscapes, some translocation to avoid inbreeding given the small population.

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Status: Endangered with an increasing population of mature individuals. Mature population: 2,, Habitat: Mainly found in the forests of tropical Asia. Threats: Poachers and the illegal wildlife trade present the primary threat to tigers, who kill the animal to sell its body parts including skins, bones, meat and as part of tonics.

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