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A significant correlation between grade point average and the instrument used to elicit faculty perceptions indicated the validity of this type of assessment in measuring successful academic behaviors. Skip to Main Content. Search in: This Journal Anywhere. Advanced search. Submit an article Journal homepage. Original Articles. David S. Bender View further author information. Pages Published online: 08 Jul Additional information Author information David S. In fact, academic performance is influenced by various variables among which study habits and reading strategies can be mentioned 2.


The present study aims at examining the study skills of newly-admitted students at Fasa University of Medical Sciences in academic years. This is a cross-sectional descriptive study. The subjects of this study consist of all the newly-admitted students in the first semester of academic year; 94 students of Medicine, Nursing and Laboratory Technology participated in the study which was carried out during the first week of the 1st semester.

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A researcher-made questionnaire was used to collect the data. The validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by the experts.

The questionnaire consisted of two parts. The first part included items on demographic information of the subjects such as sex, field of study, number of hours dedicated to studying, and the student's rank in Konkour, Iranian University Entrance Exam.

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The second part was composed of 19 special items on such domains as 'Time Management', 'Concentration', 'Class note-taking', 'studying' and 'Taking exams' with 4, 5, 4, 3, 3 items, respectively. The mean of the responses to each item was considered as the score of that skill.

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The mean for study skill was derived from the mean of the responses to 19 items of the questionnaire. The items were scored through five-point Likert scale as 'Totally disagree' and 'Totally agree' with one to five scores. Level normal scores are 2. The mean scores indicate the subjects' study habits and skills. All 94 questionnaires distributed among the subjects were returned to the researchers. The obtained data show that 41 subjects were male The mean and standard deviation of scores on students' study skills for each field of study are shown in Table 1.

The calculated p-value 0. Table 2 shows the subjects' scores on such variables as 'Time management', 'Concentration', 'Class note-taking', 'Studying', 'Taking exams', and 'Study skills'. The results obtained by statistical analysis and calculation of the means in different domains with respect to the subjects' use of study skills show that the highest mean belongs to 'Concentration' the mean is 2.

Furthermore, the overall mean indicates that the subjects' use of study skills is 2. The following table shows the mean scores of the subjects' study skills in terms of their sex. The mean, the standard deviation, p-value of scores on students' study skills according to the subjects' sex. The results obtained by statistical analysis and calculation of the means, SD and p-value in different domains of study skills with respect to the subjects' sex indicate that the mean of study skills among male students is 2.

Study skills

The findings of independent sample t-test showed that there was no significant difference between the female and male students in such domains as 'Concentration', 'Class note-taking', 'Studying' and 'Taking exam', respectively. The relationship between such variables as 'Studying', 'Class note-taking', 'Time management' and 'Concentration' and 'Taking exam' is displayed in Table 4.

In order to determine the relationship between such variables as 'Class note-taking', 'Time management', and 'Concentration' and 'Taking exam', the researchers made use of a multivariable regression. The correlation coefficient and determination coefficient were 0.

There was a significant difference between such variables as 'Studying', 'Class note-taking', and 'Time management', and 'Taking exam' as the p-value is zero which is significant at 0. All variables were proved to have effects on taking exams. This study was conducted to examine the students' use of study skills. In examining the students' scores on study skills in terms of their fields of study, it was revealed that the students of Medicine had the highest score in study skills.

However, there was no significant difference between the students of Medicine, Nursing and Laboratory Technology with regard to study skills. Therefore, apart from having skills in studying, the students' success in Iranian University Entrance Exam Konkour is affected by other variables which need to be further studied. Time is the best treasure that a student owns.

Based on this study, a major problem of students was lack of time management. In another study by Nourian carried out in Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, the major problems of students were found to be 'Time management', 'Concentration', 'Studying speed', and 'Class note-taking'. In order to prevent and solve such a problem, it is recommended that the students should be taught how to reduce the pauses between their studying sessions and remove the distractors In this study, the highest mean score belonged to such skills as 'Concentration', 'Class note-taking', and 'Studying'.

As we know, learning rests on concentration. In a study by Hosseini, it was known that there was a significant and positive correlation between concentration rate and academic advancement Based on the mean scores 2. The results of this study as well as those conducted in other Iranian universities indicate that there is a gap between the students' current condition and the ideal one.

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In addition, their studying approach is not of a high quality. In a study by Hossaini et al.

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  7. In another study by Sayfuri, the students' study skills condition was assessed to be rather below the normal level 2. Regarding the importance of studying in the process of learning, the students' present condition cannot be considered ideal at all. It seems that the students are not sufficiently provided with essential facilities, learning and teaching conditions so that they can develop and promote their own study skills and study habits. It is recommended that students on admission to any university be intensively taught how to make use of study skills. In this study, the male students obtained lower scores on such domains as 'Concentration', 'Class note-taking', 'Taking exams', and 'Studying' than female ones.

    In another study by Nourian, the male students had lower scores on 'Comprehension', Concentration while Studying', and 'Time management' than female ones However, in this study, the students' scores obtained on 'Time management' were higher than those of female ones. These results are in the same line with those of the studies done by Fehri 22 and However, in a study by Trueman, the female students were in a better condition than male ones on 'Time management' In this study, it was revealed that there was no significant difference between sex and study skills.

    The same results had already been obtained by Hossaini et al.

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    In another study by Badeleh et al. The present study showed that there was a significant difference between such skills as 'Time management', 'Concentration', and 'Class note-taking' skills. It was known that 'Class note-taking' was the most contributing factor in taking a good exam.

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    In a study by Nneji, most of the students made use of 'Class note-taking' and 'Hand-outs' as important sources for studying their lessons. It was sufficient for them to only listen to the lectures presented by the university teachers It this study, it was known that In a study by Rouhani and his colleagues, it was indicated that In the study by Ravari et al.

    The students, however, succeed to pass their courses with a fairly good grades; this may be due to the fact that the only criterion for evaluation of students is their grades on the exam. They can get the desired grade without trying very hard or spending a lot of time since there is no ground for them to endeavor for time management Most people, when asked, can recount an experience that undermined their confidence in their own learning.

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    Negative comments when we are young can have a very long-term effect upon our view of ourselves as bright, capable learners. However, self-confidence has a major impact upon our ability to perform well. What kind of message were you given about your abilities to study when you were at school or college? For all subjects, you will need to know how to change quickly from one kind of reading to another. The main purpose of reading is to understand - not to get through text at speed for the sake of it. Comprehension is increased if:.

    Many people read less efficiently because they are not aware that their eyes have preferences for reading different fonts and colours.