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The characteristic of her photographs is decoration made of Islamic calligraphy-writing applied in henna that adorns the interior space and skin and robes of her subjects. It seems like these women are shrouded into these inscriptions. Dealing with the themes of the greater emancipation of the Arab women , Essaydi is trying to present traditional issues that are often misunderstood in the West.

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Her first photographic series, the Converging Territories , , was shot in the house where female members of her family were locked up if they broke the rules of Islam. The second series, Nazar: Photographs from the Arab World , , question the Islamic tradition which condemned women to live indoors. As the artist herself says, they are nothing but the decoration, which she used to literary decorate their bodies and clothes.

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Lalla Essaydi deals with the restrictions imposed on the women in the Muslim world. The inscriptions over their bodies and surroundings are actually their voice in moments of silence in isolation. Emphasizing her rebellion, she points out the fact that within the Islam calligraphy cannot be practiced by women. In her artistic career Essaydi practiced painting, mixed media and video, but since , she devoted herself to photography , as the most convenient medium for the explorations of women in Islamic society.

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Moving beyond a critique of Western art history about visual traditions of Islam, she creates multi-layered and complex work that convey her own experience as an Arab woman. Featured image: Lalla Essaydi — Artist portrait, photo via artsalesmfa. Remember me on this computer Forgot Password.

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Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. Essaydi Morocco Photography lallaessaydi. Lalla A. Bojan Zlatkov. Harem Revisited 48a , Sundaram Tagore Gallery. Les Femmes du Maroc - Harem Beauty 1 , Les Femmes du Maroc 10 , Bullets Revisited 26 , Harem 4 , Harem Revisited 32B , Harem 8 , Les Femmes du Maroc, La Sultane , Les Femmes du Maroc, 22B , Harem 7 , Les Femmes du Maroc: La Sultan , Harem Revisited no. Jackson Fine Art.

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