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After my enriching experience in Poland, I had started seeking information on where to pursue my higher education. I had never heard of a place being referred to as a brand ; this stunned me and then almost instantly resonated with me.

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I began thinking of all the possibilities branding could unleash for places, and revolutionise the way people perceive and even consume places. Talking to fellow students verified my assumption that certain kinds of people are naturally drawn to certain kinds of places. The prospect of a better education, career and life attracted millions of students to the capital.

The co-existence of diverse cultures and ethnicities in London prompted the image of a welcoming and open society.

Incredible India Campaign

Thereafter, every place I visited and lived in, I found myself wondering how my perception and attraction of the place had played a role in getting me there. I was consciously seeking experiences that resonated with my needs and identity. On returning from London, my first choice of city to work in was Mumbai. The city of dreams had me captivated with its vibrancy, nightlife and arts and cultural events.

The booming creative industry and the sense of familiarity with the regional culture and language made a compelling case for my move.

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Working with renowned national and international brands exposed me to the emerging communication and consumption trends of the digital age. The blurred boundaries between producers and consumers of digital content got me thinking about the co-creational aspect of place development and consumption. In my Doctoral research, I wanted to scale up both the region of impact and the stakeholders involved. The University of Northampton presented just the opportunity via its faculty sponsored Ph.

Incredible India: Evolution of Brand India

Studentship within the Centre for Sustainable Business Development. Now the task ahead of me is to interrogate governance and stakeholder collaboration in place branding strategies in the county of Northamptonshire. Shalini Bisani is a Doctoral student at the University of Northampton UK , where she is researching government and stakeholder collaboration in place branding.

Her research interests include sustainable tourism, citizen engagement and branded experiences. Connect with Shalini Bisani on LinkedIn. Want to stay up to date on latest place branding insights, strategies, stories and examples?

Join our mailing list! It was developed so that all tourism offices, tour operators and organisations promoting India as a destination could market it in a unified and consistent manner. The positioning of India was not only the breathtaking locales, the mysticism of the East, the draw towards civilisation, the call of the wild, but much more than all this. Apart from the Incredible India campaign that promotes India as a whole, Indian states have individually taken measures to attract inbound as well as foreign traffic.

These advertisements were not run by a company to promote its products and services. It adopted a multi-region strategy and also focussed on infrastructure development and up-gradation of facilities including two new airports in Kochi and Kozhikode, approach roads to tourist destinations and also public amenities. KTDC perhaps had no idea that with this campaign, it had hit upon a gold mine. To innovate with the product offerings, the KTDC identified new destinations and developed circuits like Kumarakom, Munnar, Wayanad and other destinations like Kovalam and Thekkady were added to the Kerala portfolio.

The addition of these destinations brought central Kerala into the limelight as the hub of tourism activities. With a focussed approach, these two segments became popular internationally and the average duration of stay in Kerala went up from 4. The hike in average duration of stay disclosed the potential of Kerala. Kerala Tourism. In the late s, inspired by the Kerala experience, other Indian states such as Goa, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu began taking steps towards branding and marketing themselves as tourist destinations.

Madhya Pradesh The state which is in the heart of India is diverse in its wildlife, heritage and natural resources.

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Surprisingly, the state did not realise its untapped potential until four to five years ago. Post , the state government decided to market its tourist attractions aggressively. The result being increased profits with every passing year.

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  • According to official statistics, last year 1. The arrival of foreign tourists to Rajasthan has seen a quantum jump from 0. Likewise, the arrival of domestic tourists has also doubled from Gujarat The Gujarat government is promoting tourism in the state through fairs, festivals and also Medical and Business Tourism. In tune with the national goal to promote India as the most favoured Medical Tourism destination, Gujarat has aggressively adopted the concept to promote tourism using Vibrant Gujarat. The website includes information on medical facilities in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Baroda and Surat. Branding for niche segments In the current scenario, when tourists are becoming more specific about their needs and wants, the industry players are coming up with new ways of attracting consumers via new products and offers.

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    In India, the four different zones, i. The tourism boards of all the North Eastern states are working together with the Ministry of Tourism MoT to sell the region as one whole package. Similarly, Southern states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are promoting each other through Joint Ventures and participation in various trade fairs.