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Another important theme is conformity.

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Conformity refers to the choices young people make regarding going along with the crowd and pursuing their own paths. They can either give in to peer pressure or be secure with their own individuality.

The theme of rivalry and war in A Separate Peace

Gene succumbs to peer pressure the first time he jumps off the limb into the Devon River. Even though he would have rather not done it, he went along with the crowd to fit in. Another example of Gene trying to fit in and be liked is when he ditches school with Finny. Gene never would have considered breaking the rules, but he feared that he would not be accepted by Finny if he didn't go along.

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Related Essays:. A topic question should be engaging to arouse some interest. Take a look of these essay questions obtained from the themes, setting, plot, and characters.

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You can borrow them to include in your paper. The primary aim of the topic is to highlight and analyze the significant elements in the novel. You also get a chance to state your reaction at the conclusion. The protagonist, Gene and his friend Finny are portrayed as having different virtues. Consequently, they represent different symbols and themes that would mean you can cast the net wide to get the topics.

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Essay about Gene's Jealousy in A Separate Peace by John Knowles

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go to link Expert Guide on How to Select the Best a Separate Peace Essay Topic The practical way to come up with a topic to analyze literal work is examining the themes used by the author. List of a Separate Peace Essay Topics to Get You Started Writing If you are experiencing a challenge to come up with your topic, have a look at our question prompts that will guide you in identifying topics from the novel. Describe the natural setting of the scene in regards to the events and characters. Does the setting differ with thematic content of the scenes?

What is the significance of the competition between Gene and Finny? In what context does the pursuit in academic and sports play in their rivalry? In what ways is the relationship between Funny and Gene interdependent considering they have an unsteady interaction?