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You can start with a blank presentation, as is shown here, or you can choose from a variety of preconfigured presentations called templates. A template is a file that is already constructed with various styles and designs applied. This option provides an easy way to begin a presentation with a single click.

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  • You can also insert pictures and videos from your computer and the internet, draw shapes, and create and insert all kinds of charts. There are ways to transition the slides in and out as you present and animate the items on any slide as well, among other things.

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    Often, you show the presentation to others in an office setting, such as a sales meeting, but you can also create slide shows for weddings and birthdays. When you display the presentation to your audience, the PowerPoint slides take up the entire presentation screen. Lots of but not all Windows-based computers come with Microsoft Office installed. That means you might already have a version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Some employers, community colleges, and universities offer Office free to their employees and students. Over the years, there have been many versions of the Microsoft Office suite.

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    The lower-priced suites only included the most basic apps often Word , PowerPoint, and Excel. PowerPoint is included regardless of which version of the Microsoft Office suite you are looking at. Share Pin Email. Microsoft MVP, Lynda.

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